Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shipping the Bikes!

The challenge - we need to get two KLR's to Buenos Aires for February 2, 2010. Following a number of initial quotes for air shipments (some as high as $17,000.00CDN) we were forced to consider a sea shipment, although with a tight itinerary and concerns about potential delays and corruption on the docks in BA, this was not preferred.

Having seen a thread from another rider from Calgary dealing with an air shipment with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, we gave them a call.

The result - two KLR's in one crate 78"Lx48"Hx50"W (545KG with assorted gear tucked into the nooks) shipped overland from Toronto to Miami, January 26, and then by air from Miami to Buenos Aires arriving February 1, 2010.
We custom built the crate ourselves to minimize the volume as much as possible then took the bikes, gear and disassembled crate to Hellmann in Mississauga.

Hellmann gave us space to work in their warehouse...

...where the bikes were mounted to the crate base, ...

...gear was loaded,...

...everything was plastic wrapped,... 

 ...and the crate sides were assembled. 

Away they go!
We will update you on how it goes later on, but for now we can say Hellmann has been incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, professional and AFFORDABLE - total cost on the ground in Buenos Aires - $2910.00 CDN.


  1. I really hope the name HELLman isnt indicative of anything devilish happening (pun intended)!
    Way too cool...just how involved the process is of getting bikes to starting point.

  2. Awesome. I will definitely be following your progress.

    Darrin Kemp

  3. So, you two, good luck, good adventure and enjoy the people of your host countries.

    Bureaucrats and officials are turkeys.

    So, don’t let the turkeys get you down, but go and soar with the condors. Ma and Pa

  4. Take good care of each other and enjoy your trip of a lifetime! Tina

  5. Way to go peter and petra, take good care of each other, always knew you would do something really cool son, enjoy the trip and experience all you can... languages customs people and terrific landscapes etc. Get back to us on email ref....Edge.....asap...Mum and dad R.