Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Abancay to Andahuaylas - March 17

We had a late start this morning.  I had a scheduled conference call at 8am local time, but couldn't get reception in the valley Abancay is located in.  We packed up and rode out up into the mountains where I could get reception but only sporadically.

We were heading to Ayacucho in the central highlands, but didn't really get underway until 11am - it's a 400km stretch of ripio so there wasn't much chance of making it all the way today.  The road was incredibly sinuous leaving Abancay - after riding for 50km's we could still see Abancay clearly as though it were only 5km away.
Abancay from 50km's out!

At times we were riding above the clouds, and other times we were in them again, although not nearly as bad as yesterday.  Compounding the snails-pace we encountered a few temorary construction closures, where traffic was stopped for up to an hour.
Checking the GPS in the fog.

At one of the closures, I made friends with three young brothers and their sister from the nearby village,  They were filthy, but really cute and loved pushing the motorcycle horn and having their picture taken so that they could see themselves on the small screen.  I shared some oatmeal cookies with them, and played around a bit and then it was time to go.
We got into Andahuaylas at 4:30pm - only 145km's from Abancay, but there was no point pressing on today as it gets dark by 6:30pm and there isn't another town within 2 hours riding distance.
We'll hit the sack early tonite and try to get a full day in tomorrow - by all accounts Ayacucho is still eight to ten hours away,

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