Thursday, March 18, 2010

Andahuaylas, Peru - March 18

We had an unexpected day off today as Petra picked up a bug overnight.  It's typical, she is ultra cautious about what she eats and drinks, and brushes her teeth with bottled water etc., while I eat and drink without a care and she gets the bug! Well, still a long way to go in which I might get my "comeuppance" (literally).
There's not much happening today in Andahuaylas as preparations are being made for the big Pukklay Carnaval this weekend.
This area of Peru was once a stronghold for the Shining Path Terrorists, a Maoist group that fought a bloody dispute with the national government during the 1980's.  There is still a strong policia presence although tensions have long ceased.  I'm told (not unlike the FARC in Colombia) that the movement has deteriorated to a few die-hards involved in the drug trade.

I'm pretty sure I just felt an earth tremor as I'm typing this! Or maybe it's that bug of Petra's come to get me.

Tomorrow we have a long ride as we head for Ayacucho.

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  1. Petra hope your feeling better, I can identify I too took every precaution and boom.

    Take care and rest well as I look forward to more of this amazing adventure