Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Belen to Salta - March 7

We got on the road before 9am with plans to make it to Salta or beyond, as the roads were to be mostly paved.
North of Hualfin we ran into some washouts and ripio, but only for about 100kms or so.
Outside of Santa Maria I saw a young armadillo and stopped for a photo. He dashed under a thornbush and started to bury himself when I approached.
In Cafayate we left Ruta 40 and headed to Salta on Ruta 68.  This is to be our last time on Ruta 40 on this journey after some 4500kms of incredibly varied terrain, at times remote, and at times punishing to us and the bikes - it was an experience we will not forget!

From Cafayate we rode through the Valle de Lerme - an area of dramatic weather worn rock cliffs and monuments.
The landscape changed to a more lush, semi-tropical type as we approached Salta.  Unfortunately for me, a wasp flew straight up my jacket sleeve and proceeded to sting me on the elbow repeatedly  until I stung him back.  After a brief first aid treatment we got underway again and decided to take advantage of Sunday traffic by riding straight through the city and staying at a hospedaje on the outskirts.
Man and his dog - on the road to Salta.

We struck out with food again, settling for cheese, pizza bread, and salami for dinner, after not finding a good place to eat.

Tomorrow Bolivia!?