Monday, March 1, 2010

San Martin de los Andes to Chos Malal - February 28

Riding out of San Martin de los Andes, the geography changed almost instantly to dry pampas intersperced with deeply incised canyons and the occasional volcano.

We stopped in Zapala for cash - "no credito" being the likely case for the next few days - and then in Las Lajos for fuel and lunch.

I like to ride with my visor open as much as possible.  I like the cool wind on my face, and under 90kmh it's comfortable and safe.  Leaving Las Lajos having the visor closed was actually cooler than open!  Our riding temperature was over 38 degrees C at 110kmh.  We're adjusting to the heat after our first weeks of very cold days.

We had planned to stop at Chos Malal in time to watch the gold medal hockey game.  You can watch 10 different futbol games at any time here, and maybe the occasional motor race, but that's it so internet video was my only hope.  Unfortunately, the IOC rules don't allow international internet viewing of live events.  After a few different failed hack/work around attempts we ended up "watching" the game through a CBC twitter text play by play!

So there we were, sitting in a hotel restaurant in remote Argentina, arms in the air cheering:
           CBC: Iginla along the boards
           CBC: Crosby has it
           CBC:  GOALLLLLLLL!!!!

Some locals came over to ask what the fuss was about - hilarious!

We've had a few people at home say that they are having trouble following our route on maps.  I suggest Google maps on the internet, they are excellent and you can select map view or satellite for more detail.