Friday, April 2, 2010

La Mesa to Bogota – March 31

We were on the road by 6:30am and covered the 60km’s to El Dorado Aeropuerte by 8:30am despite rush hour traffic and a bit more rain.  We’ve been warned that organizing the bike shipment will take at least 6 hours with administrative paperwork, customs paperwork, policia paperwork, security inspections, customs inspections and clearances, and finally narcotics inspection – se we are prepared for a lot of waiting around.
IMG_1428There is an added pressure as the administration staff and customs staff are leaving at 2pm for the holidays.  If we don’t get our paperwork done before then, the bikes may not fly until next Monday.
IMG_1426It took until 5:30pm to get everything settled, including some last minute scrambling by our shipping agent Nicolas Landinez, but we are set for the bikes to fly out tomorrow morning at 4am.

We took a cab into centro Bogota to find a Hotel from where we can explore La Candelaria tomorrow.

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