Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playa Miramar, Mexico to Harlingen, Texas – April 19

We had a long day of highway riding today, including one leg of over 250km’s.  The roads were great, and virtually clear of traffic so as we got further north we realized we might make it across the border to Texas today.

We headed for the Puente Internacional Libre Commercio and arrived at 6pm.  Unfortunately, we need to have our temporary vehicle import permits cancelled at the Banjercito, which despite the border being open 24hrs, was closed.  With no safe accommodation on the Mexican side, we decided to cross the border anyway and ended up staying in Harlingen, Texas for the night.

We’ll head back across to Mexico first thing in the morning to deal with the permit cancellation, and then continue north.

Adios Mexico and Latin America!

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