Sunday, April 11, 2010

Santa Rosa to Playa San Diego – April 10

We have an appointment to service the bikes in San Salvador on Monday morning.  The service is way overdue, and my rear tire is in bad shape so we can’t put it off any longer.

There’s a beach resort area around Puerto La Libertad with some world famous surf breaks, and its only 35km from San Salvador so we decided to head there instead of directly to San Salvador.

It’s incredibly hot here.  We’re riding at 90 to 110kmh in 42 degrees C, and when we stop the LCD thermometer sometimes just turns black!

We had read that La Libertad can sometimes have some crime problems, although there is a lot of tourism development underway, so we decided to look for a beach house just outside of town in Playa San Diego.  We looked at a few options, but all the nicer properties seemed to be closed or unavailable.  One decent looking place had its gate open so I rode in and asked if a room was available.  The fellow said that the whole place had been rented out, but he knew a lady from Canada that would have room at another location…IMG_1519Welcome to paradise…Caroline (Carolina to the locals) is retired from Vancouver Island, and has been living here for 4 years since she bought this bed and breakfast or “rancho” as it’s called here.IMG_1517The beautiful quarter acre property backs right onto the spectacular beach where the surf pounds endlessly.

We ran straight for the beach and swam in the 80 degree plus surf for an hour.  The waves are strong, and the currents are incredible so it was quite a workout.  Lucky for me I float like a cork in salt water.  From the ocean we went straight to  the pool and floated there as the sun set and we were completely water logged.IMG_1532 IMG_1534

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