Friday, April 16, 2010

Tapachula to Juchitan – April 15

The Mexican Aduana is on the highway north of Tapachula in the direction we are travelling, which is convenient, but we needed to stop there to obtain temporary import permits for the bikes.  By the time the paperwork was done it was 10:30am and we were on our way north.
Highway 200 is a four-lane divided highway for the most part, except where it passes through towns, so we made good time.  There were some serious looking thunderstorms coming out of the mountains to the east, but other than one sprinkle and a good five minute soaking we stayed ahead of the storms all day.  It’s so hot we were dry in a few minutes.
We got into Juchitan at about 4:30pm, and got checked in to a local hotel by 5:30pm.  It’s a friendly town that doesn’t get many gringo visitors so we stick out like sore thumbs!
jardin_juarez_large The Market in Juchitan.

I’ve developed a bad infection in my ears (probably from all the swimming).  I caught it in time for the right ear, but the left ear is a mess and very painful so I’m back on the antibiotics to kick it.  For the time being taking off my helmet is torture!

We’re going to cut across the country to the Atlantic tomorrow.  We’re at the narrowest point between the Pacific and the Atlantic, so we’ll see if we can reach Vera Cruz.

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