Monday, April 5, 2010

Tocumen to Santiago – April 5

I hardly moved from the hotel room yesterday,  just down to poolside for some internet a couple times because, strangely, that’s where the signal was best!?  I’ve started doubling up my dose of Cipro, that’s a pretty big stick to swing at the bug.  Hopefully it works cos’ we’re riding again today!
We got to the Girag warehouse at 9am, and the bikes and gear were standing on the pavement waiting for us.  The Girag staff were very efficient, and we had all the cargo documentation and government stamps and inspections (none!) done within an hour.  That left us with only the Panamanian Aduana to deal with for the temporary import permits.  IMG_1565That usually takes about 10 or 15 minutes, even at the most remote border crossings, but true to form for what we’ve been told to expect for all of Central America – it took over two hours!
We finally got away from the airport at 12:30pm and headed north on the Panamerica.  bb_09_referenz_20090528_centenario01We crossed the Canal on the Puente Centenario and continued on to Santiago for the night. panama_canal_03 Tomorrow we’re heading for Costa Rica, about 200 km’s north of here.

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