Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buenos Aires Day 5,6 & 7- February 7 to 9, 2010

Sunday was a day off from exploring, spent catching up on laundry and prepping gear for the road.

So far as we knew, when Monday started our crate was sitting in Customs at Ezieza Aeropuerto since arrival midday Sunday.  There was no way to confirm until later on Monday so our intention was to ride the Subte back to Plaza de Mayo and then walk through the Puerto Madero barrio to the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve for a day hike.
New construction in Puerto Madero.

The Reserva Ecológica Costenera Sur, is an 865-acre nature preserve established on landfill created from construction within the city.  Unfortunately, on arrival at the gates we were met with a "Lunes Cerrado" sign (closed Mondays!).
A couple of locals enjoying the sun outside the ecological preserve.

Turned away at the gates, we decided to walk back into the Recoleta barrio for lunch at a cafe, and then back to the Hotel in Palermo to check on the status of the bike shipment.

Torre de los Ingleses from a different perspective.
Lunch in Recoleta Barrio.
Basilica Nuestra Señora Del Pilar - 1732, outside Recoleta Cemetery.

Unfortunately we got more bad news regarding the bikes - apparently the cargo plane had "operational difficulties" and did not depart from Miami on Sunday as expected.  The revised ETA is now 1:30am, Wednesday morning (9 days late!).  The manifest for the flight is closed and we have received confirmation that our crate is on the plane, so provided it gets off the ground Tuesday night we will be heading to the airport first thing Wednesday morning.

We've hired a local customs broker (and motorcycle enthusiast) to smooth the clearance process and allow us to focus on unpacking and assembling the bikes while the paperwork gets done.

Tuesday has been a quiet day, catching up on the blog and watching local tv- I think we are both fed up with the waiting game and anxious to see if we get things resolved tomorrow.

Hopefully, we will be underway by Wednesday afternoon!

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