Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canuelas to Bahia Blanca, Argentina - February 11

Ruta 3 to Bahia Blanca is a paved highway with one travel lane in each direction.  We didn't take a lot of pictures as we had a lot of distance to log today, but the landscape is very reminiscent of Southwestern Ontario.
We stopped for fuel for the bikes and us in Azul, where Petra noticed a "small" roach-like insect wandering along in the grass.
I put the Sharpie Marker beside it so you can get an idea of the scale.

A few moments later, a local man introduced himself and his two young girls and asked me about Canada and our journey.  Despite his lack of English and my "menu" Spanish, we managed to communicate well - including me asking him if there were a lot of large insectos in this part of Argentina.  He insisted that Argentina has no large insects so I pointed out Petra's roach and he said, "No, es normal! No grande insectos!"

The day on the road was spent passing trucks and being passed by cars.  We ride at around 100 to 110 kmh on pavement, trucks run about 70 to 90 kmh, and cars about 110 to 140 kmh.

The leg from Tres Arroyos to Bahia Blanca was a challenge battling gusting cross-winds, getting the feel for the load on the bike and its reactions.
My bike loaded and ready to go. 

We made Bahia Blanca by early evening, tired from a long day on the road - and promptly got lost!  Argentinian road signs seem designed to get you into a Town or City, but once there, they give you ono help in getting out again!  We wanted to put up for the night southwest of Bahia Blanca in order to avoid any city traffic the next morning.  After a detour through the Naval Prefect we found our way out of the city and stopped at the first motel off the highway - some 620km's from where we started.

Tomorrow we head for Puerto Madryn - 729km's south.

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