Saturday, February 27, 2010

Estancia Telken to Gobernador Costa - February 25

The temperature gauges recorded an overnight low of 2.9 degrees C, so needless to say we were up early to pack camp and get to the town of Perito Moreno for Cafe con Leche - some 50km north.
The ripio turned to pavement soon after starting out and we began to make good time.

I met a a couple of southbound riders on Honda Transalps while refueling.  An Argentine father and son from Bariloche, heading south to Ushuaia.  It was a very pleasant encounter, and we were able to exchange current information about fuel availabilty on the roads ahead.  They will have their hands full with the run south to Gob. Gregores (350+km's) as they only get 230km to a tank and they had already lost a spare fuel tank to damage from a fall the day before.  We talked about whether they would need one of our spares,  but they felt they could do without - possibly buying fuel from a local in Bajo Caracoles.

We were back on ripio right after Perito Moreno for 120km's to Rio Mayo where we had lunch.  The temperature had climbed into the high 30's, and even showed 43 degrees in the direct sunlight.

From Rio Mayo north for a few days we are on pavement (save for the occasional construction detour) so we will cover ground more easily -  even if it's not as fun!

Still the occasional battle with the wind to be had.

There was a fuel line-up in Gobernador Costa, so we topped up the tanks and stayed for the night in an an old 1920's hotel.  We've now added another criteria to our hotel selection list - esta agua caliente? - as an ice cold shower after 40 degree heat is a bit of a shock to the system!

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