Friday, February 26, 2010

Ushuaia - February 18

The days "to-do" list consisted of: 1) a visual inspection of the bikes; 2) LAUNDRY!; 3) finding a replacement spare tire tube; 4) finding some white fuel or kerosene for the campstove; and, 5) looking for stickers for the panniers.

Laundromats are non-existent, presumably since labour costs are cheap, so we dropped off our dirty clothes at a laundry service and got them cleaned for 30 pesos.

We walked all over Ushuaia looking for the tire tube and stove fuel - it's a beautiful town and a lot of residents show real pride of place.

Eventually, we found a store that sold the same stove that we are carrying but not the fuel, however, we were given a tip, that "solvente" can be used - and where to find it.

We struck out with the tire tube despite trying a dozen garages and stores, and even being chaffeurred around by a generous and friendly off-duty hire truck driver when it began to rain.  We'll try again further noeth, and in the meantime I'll carry the punctured tube and patch it if we have need to.

We saw Phil and Liz again, walking along the seafront.  They are getting ready to begin ther cycling to Alaska, and were on their way to meet-up with another fellow who had just bicycled down from Alaska.

Tomorrow we begin our own journey north - and home!

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