Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Buenos Aires Day 1 - February 3, 2010

First full day in Buenos Aires and no definitive word on the arrival of the bikes.  To make the best of the waiting game we began to explore the city a bit today.

We started the day with a walk through a beautiful park - the Jardin Botanico Carlos Thays - home to an incredibly diverse number of tree species, and also about the same number of cats!  Apparently, it's THE spot to ditch the family pet and is widely known for that.

Remus, Romulus, and the wolf of Roman myth...with a local Gato.

The city is extremely diverse in population, social class, and architecture.  Public transit is the dominant form of transportation, with the roads busy with noisy buses and taxis.  The city also seems well served by a train system and a subway (Subte).
 It's hot here, and very humid (over 80% today) and we had a few downpours throughout the day which we managed to time well with breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon beer!  The beers here are served "en litro" - that's a BIG bottle that somehow seems to go down easy, and for 12 Argentine Pesos (that's about $3.50cdn!


  1. The cats seems a Latin custom as we saw the same in Peurto Rico, as soon as dusk came there were hundreds of strays all over the city, but not as well fed as in,Stella Artois by the Litre too mmmmmmm....hahaha...have fun, D

  2. It seems, that your adventure starts another way as planned. But you make the best out of your waiting period. And exploring a foreign city and enjoying a big beer isn't so bad. Have fun. Stefan

  3. Missing bikes aside, it looks like fun from here! We are enjoying the pix and narrative, funny though the cat hasn't been back for another look!! Cheers, enjoy the big, cold ones n take care. F et al