Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gobernador Costa to El Bolson - February 26

We're heading out of the dry pampas, north into Argentina's Lake District.  We rode into Esquel for lunch today and sat at a YPF fuel station for 3 hours as Petra ran some errands and I caught up on the Blog!

Esquel is a mountain resort town similar to Canmore, Alberta. As we ride north the geography is becoming more and more familiar, with the landscape reminiscent of the Canadian Rockies.
We're stopping in El Bolson for the night, so that we can lunch midday in San Carlos de Bariloche tomorrow.

We passed the 6000km mark yesterday and are feeling better about our shipping delays and lost travel time.  That's a riding day average of over 450km's per day (quite an accomplishment given what the road has thrown at us) and a trip average of just over 250km's per day.  At this point we can start to focus more on the journey rather than the destination!

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  1. Hey folks glad to see all is going well, loving the blog post.

    Catharine from DSP