Friday, February 26, 2010

Ushuaia to Pali Aike, Chile - February 19

We met Ingo, Markus, and Mireille at breakfast. They had returned to Ushuaia and arranged transport for their bikes back to Germany.  Markus donated a few things from his gear, including cleaning clothes, some chain lube, and even a foam bed roll that will  compliment my Thermarest - MUCH APPRECIATED!
  Markus & Mirielle's Suzuki DR650's.

It was only 6 degrees and drizzling in Ushuaia when we departed, but we soon left the rain behind even if it didn't warm up much on the road to Rio Grande.

We left Argentina again at San Sebastian, and re-entered Chile for the "ripio"run to  the Bahia Azul ferry.  We took a slightly different route, via Cerro Sombrero and the ride proved much more scenic, and much easier than the ride south.
The road to Cerro Sombrero.
    Chile's Ruta 257.

Petra lost her sunglasses after a fual stop, but I rode back 10 or so kilometres and found them on the side of the road.

Once again we pulled up at the ferry terminal and loaded right away.

It was getting late, so we stopped for the night at a hotel in Pali Aike ( the same place I had the Shepperd's pie on the way south).

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